What Is it?

What is it that makes me love Him so?
Is it the joy in my heart or the peace in my soul?
Or is it the fact that He gave up His life
To die on a cross so long ago

What is it that causes my heart to sing?
Is it the pain that He heals or the faith that He brings?
Or is it the fact that He rose up again
Giving hope amidst everything

What is it that makes my praise to arise?
Is it all that He taught just to open my eyes?
Or is it that He will one day return
And meet me way up in the sky

Whatever it is that causes these things
I hope that they always remain
My love and my song and the praise that I bring
Will always be full of amens

Amen that He came from His heavenly throne
Amen that He made a manger His home 
Amen that He healed everyone that He touched
Amen that He taught us that He was enough
Amen that He suffered and died for my sin
Amen that He gave me new life within
Amen that He rose up alive from the grave
Amen that He promised me heaven one day

All these amens and so many more
Are due to the one that I so adore
My praise and my worship never will cease
‘Til I rest in His arms and my life is complete

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