Gift of Love

 It was anything but silent
 In Bethlehem that day
 The streets were full of travelers
 Who finally found their way
 A census had been called for
 And the rules were very clear
 Every man had to go back to
 The tribal village through the years
 Joseph lived in Nazareth
 With Mary, full with child
 They had to travel many days
 And cover many miles
 When they arrived in Bethlehem
 There was no place to stay
 They found a shelter for the night
 In a stable filled with hay
 The child was born next morning
 In a manger he was laid
 It seemed a normal birth to them
 As the looked down at the babe
 Then shepherds came and told them
 Of an angel choir that night
 That had come to them alone
 They were fearful of the sight
 The shepherds shared the words
 That the angels had proclaimed
 Peace on earth was come today
 And goodwill to all of man
 Mary smiled at hearing
 The story that they told
 For she knew this special child
 Was the Son of God foretold
 As the morning sun was rising
 The baby slept in hay
 Now the Son of God had come
 His gift of love was here to stay
 Is your heart prepared for Jesus
 Have you made some room for Him
 He wants to share His love with you
 Oh won’t you ask Him in 

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