This Heavenly Place

I’ve lived a little less than seventy years
Sometimes in joy and sometimes in tears
Sometimes I’ve cried and sometimes I’ve cheered
I’ve sure had my ups and downs
But all of those years are nothing at all
To the future I’ll have in heavens great halls
Where I’ll eternally answer that heavenly call
To bow down and worship the Lamb
I’ll join with the elders around His throne
And all of those numbered as one of His own
Who they all are I truly don’t know
In that day I will dance with them all
My mouth will I open my voice will I raise
In a thunderous ovation of heavenly praise
As I worship the mighty magnificent name
Of Jesus Christ my Lord
Jesus, my Jesus I love you so much
Jesus, my Jesus I’m glad that you touched me
Jesus, my Jesus I lift up my praise
To your magnificent name
I am with you today
In this heavenly place
What a Savior you are to me

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