What an unexpected journey the Lord has brought me on
As I look back I can see that my journey has been long
At the same time I am thinking it has only just begun
For I know He has a plan for my life
I was lost in deadly sin and was in the darkest place
Had no thought of getting out or having sin erased
But God had another plan to show me amazing grace
My plan was going to die a welcome death
I travelled to a friend who brought me to His church
The preaching went right through me and I suddenly was urged
To raise my hand for Jesus but my body would not lurch
I sat there in that pew needing help
Later on that week the pastor came a calling
Asked me if I wanted to ask Jesus to come in
I prayed that prayer and Jesus washed away my sin
God’s plan was just beginning in my life
Two years pater I went back to visit that same friend
But the Lord I a plan bigger than I could pretend
While there I met a girl who my lonely heart did mend
God’ plan for us to wed had begun
I could go on and on for a hundred verses here
But I think you get the picture why I hold Jesus dear
Neither time did I ask Him where His plan would steer
His plan finds me right where I am
So now I’m swerving Him with all my heart and soul
I am not really sure where He wants me to go
But He will get me there and this truth I do know
I am ready, willing and able to do what He asks me to do
You see we do not know when a change will come about
All we have to do is praise Him with a shout
Serve Him where you are and soon you will find out
His plan will happen unexpectedly

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