The Believers Life

The Great Display of Grace

I know that I’m now worthy of the love He has for me
He left His home in heaven just to die upon that tree
A sadness wells inside me every time I see His face
As the angels gaze in heaven at His great display of grace

He didn’t have to die for me yet suffered all that pain
The horror that he went through brought to Him no earthly gain
When he cried out it is finished all of heaven gave applause
My freedom had been purchased by the power of the cross

What a wonder now to see Him sitting on His royal throne
He has risen all victorious from a grave He did not own
Death defeated now He reigns over all my eyes can see
His great display pf grace has given me that victory

Now I lift my praises high to my Savior and my Lord
I stand and lift my hands to the one that I adore
Jesus Christ the Lamb of God is lifted high in all my praise
As I think about His mercy and His great display of grace

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