I Want to See You Lord

I want to see you Lord
High and lifted up
Angels ‘round your throne
Giving praise

I want to see you Lord
Bow down at your feet
Look into your eyes
And give you praise

You are worthy
You are holy
You are all that I need
All that I desire

You are worthy
My life is in your hands
Let my mouth declare
You are Lord

9 thoughts on “I Want to See You Lord

  1. Ralph Christian

    I’m often baffled by the weed duality of Old Testament and uses of “Lord” and “Jehovah” instead of “God”. I’m not sure it’s always God being addressed because in many points of time the children of Israel drift back to Baal worship and the sacrifice of children.

    I contend that it’s reflected in scripture and that when Christ says not to change anything in the old law it is for the account and teaching as opposed to His example in the New Testament.

    Basically, the Israelites are often speaking to Satan.


    1. Pete Post author

      Your comnent is intriguing. I know which Lord I am addressing. My Lord is the Lamb of God who died a horrific death on a cross to atone for my sins snd and yours. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord?

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      1. Ralph Christian

        I have brother, I came through the storm.

        I study the Old Testament but after looking at Judaism and Kabbala (only for understanding of OT, not doctrine) I found that very different vantages are used in both when it comes to the reading of the OT. I then decided to read but without Bible stories that I fitted the complex semantics around and just take the word as it is with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The entire OT made complete sense when I did that.

        Atheists often allude to the inconsistent nature of God in the OT. His wrath, anger and impatience are all out of sync with Christ. He is described as having feathers on occasion and David speaks of smoke pouring from his nostrils and that he might see Him in hell.

        What struck me as particularly important is Melkizadek who speaks of the God most high. Abraham goes to sacrifice his son but an ANGEL OF THE LORD appears and tells him not to and instead use a ram. Before this Abraham tells Isaac, “God will provide HIMSELF a lamb” but he isn’t referring to this lamb, it’s a prophetic word about Christ who is God, the lamb. Abraham for the first time is spoken to by the ANGEL OF THE LORD and not God himself and told that despite it being a test, still sacrifice something which in itself doesn’t make sense. From here Abraham names the place Jehovah Jireh.

        “The LORD provides” what? A ram. This is why it’s the staple of satanic symbology.

        “God provides Himself a lamb” is Christ coming to do what Abraham could not which is also the underlying truth in every account in the Old Testament, that the lamb is coming. Abraham is unable to wilfully allow the death of his son when faced with that ghastly choice. The project of man’s case for whether he can overcome his evil sin nature is put to trial in the line of Abraham and it all starts with a failure. Abraham chooses disobedience to God in order of save his son. Who can blame him? Very few parents could do such a thing. But what’s impossible with man is possible with God who witnesses His only son die a tortuous death while able to intervene at any point.

        I find the OT to be an account of man’s many attempts to draw away from evil without Gods help. The case for man alone. They are given systems of kings and of judges, every type of leader from a hero in David to a genius in Solomon to a righteous man in Hezekiah but ultimately we need God and a sacrifice to atone for the unsurmountable evil inherent in this world, the realm of Satan, Lord of the Earth. Just like Adam and Eve coveting themselves with leaves but then God replacing it with the blood of a beast before sending them on their way we see substitutionary atonement above the worldly solution. Just like a toddler given freedom who falls and injured themself but gains a valuable lesson, the Old Testament charts man’s preparation for Christ. This involves falling over many times as satan decieves and back they go to Baal worship and sacrificing babies but slowly the truth of the coming lamb gets louder and louder to an almost deafening truth with Jonah who is the loudest foreshadow of the OT.

        God bless

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      2. Pete Post author

        You said a mouthful and give many great examples of how Christ is foreshadowed in the OT. In his letter to the Galatians Paul tells us that the law is our schoolmaster top bring us to Christ. You can look at story after story in the OT and see Christ if you listen to the spirit speaking.

        I always found it fascinating that when Abraham started up the mountain to sacrifice Isaac he told the men that were with them “We will return again.” I believe Abraham knew the promise of God so well that he knew if he killed his son Isaac, the one God said would be his blessed seed, God would raise him up from the dead. Abraham, did not disobey God when he killed the ram instead of his son because God provided the ram so he did not have to kill his son, just as he [provided a lamb for our atonement. Abraham believed God!

        It is a wonderful thing to hear of your study of the OT because that is what really helps us see the need for Christ and the truth of His atonement. What a great price He paid out of love for us! What great mercy and grace He showed. We serve an awesome God!

        Be blessed

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      3. Ralph Christian

        Thanks for the response, I am wordy on this topic, forgive the digressions.

        I’m glad you went to Galatians, Paul’s conversion and probable jaw dropping switch from gifted Pharisee who understood the Tanakh in a way few others could to a Godly solider who connects old and New Testament together is the very glue of the word. I have heard it said that when Stephen was killed, an evangelist with a deep connection to God and possibly the strongest of them with that gift, Satan’s small victory in this was blown apart by God also taking his best man but instead of killing him, turning him for the glory. No scripture validates such a thing other than timelines.

        Paul warms us that Satan himself turned into an angel of light. Not if, not will but has and this warning is about deception from the ex Pharisee scholar.

        “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”

        2 Corinthians 11:14 KJV

        Who is the Angel of the Lord and why do they first speak as an. Angel and then God? In genesis 22 the angel speaks for God and then as God before making promises that are all broken.

        1. Your seed shall be multiplied as the stars

        Moses instructs the Children of Israel of be racially hygienic to preserve their seed, something practised today by Israelis. They are constantly under the threat of wipeout through Holocaust and pogroms. Their seed is fragile.

        2. His seed shall posses he gates of their enemies

        Jews have spent 1900 or so years not only not taking the gates of enemies, as nomads on a form of second exodus, the world being the wilderness. They have been ejected by over 100 countries, a figure so far exceeding anyone else that no one is able to explain from historians to scholars.

        3. Through your offspring all nations shall be blessed.

        As mentioned above, they have been ejected and distrusted as Machiavellian from over 100 countries and seen as anything but.

        However, one man did come from the line which is the single truth in those promises.

        What do you make of Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton? This symbol is actually the central motif of nearly all witchcraft and dark arts along with the name the JW church switch over to in the NWT Translation. I distrust them and I decry the way they and the Mormons subtly remove Christ as sin of God using semantic deception.

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      4. Pete Post author

        You talk of things I know not of for I try to stick with Christ crucified, the hope of glory. I do not get caught u[p in what Satan does or does not do for he is a defeated enemy. I only seek to keep my eyes on Christ. Throughout the Bible He is the theme, and He is now still the theme of all life.

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      5. Ralph Christian

        I’ll be honest, I am in a situation that dictates that I must know these things because some Christianity is not as it seems. I write to keep an account of trying to bring some close to me out of deception.

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