Christmas Poetry


The story is told
How a long time ago
The God of creation
Looked down below
And said “Son, it is time
For you to bestow
Our mercy and grace on mankind

So the Son left His throne
To bring freedom to all
He was born of a virgin
And was laid in a stall
Shepherds were summoned
To greet Him with awe
On that marvelous, glorious morn

He walked on this earth
Spreading His love
Teaching the people
The truths from above
But the leaders of men
Had about had enough
They condemned Him to death on a cross

Beaten and bruised
Crown of thorns on His brow
He carried His cross
Through the streets of the town
Golgotha awaited
His love would be known
As His wrists and His feet were nailed

From the cross His blood flowed
Down and out for all time
“Father, forgive them”
He said as He died
His mercy and grace
Were released to mankind
For whoever will call on His name

They laid Him to rest
In a tomb someone gave
And the Romans did guard Him
By night and by day
But they fainted in awe
As the stone rolled away
And Jesus arose from the grave

Oh wonderful Savior
Christ Jesus my Lord
You have freed me from sin
It us you I adore
And you rose so that heaven
Is for me evermore
When I call out to you to be saved

I love you, Jesus
I’ll follow your ways
And I’ll tell your story
All of my days
I’ll pray for my family
And friends to be saved
Your mercy and grace are now mine
Help me share them all of the time
So that others will know
That you came down below
As the Savior for all of mankind


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