Effective Prayer

The A.S.K. Principle

This poem was written in conjunction with my book of the same title.

When I’ve lost my direction
In this crazy old world
I’m reluctant to ask for some help
I think it’s a reflection
That I’m not self-assured
And it makes me feel very inept

But I can’t have this attitude
In my walk with the Lord
When I find I am losing my way
I will have more gratitude
If i look to His word
And find how He tells me to pray

He says first I must ask Him
When I’ve come to stray
Whether knowledge or wisdom I need
And He says that He’ll give
And show me the way
To find the next step in my plea

Next is to seek out
His will for my life
In the situation I’ve fallen in
Then I can figure out
The escape from my strife
And find the path destined to win

Last I must knock
At the door I come to
It shall open to me on its own
The door is unlocked
And it opens to view
The answer that He will make known

Now all that sounds simple
And easy to do
But there’s one trick you need to remember
The asking and seeking
And knocking you do
Must be done ’til you’re led to the answer

He always will lead to the answer
He always will answer your plea
It’s the waiting and watching that’s hard to do
So ask ’til your heart is set free
And seek ’til you see
And knock “til you reach the door.

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