The Believers Life

Prints in the Snow

When I can’t sense your presence you’re still there
When I’m not sure you’re list’ning you hear my prayer
If the clouds fill the sky
Or the stars are shining bright
I know that you’re still there

When I can’t hear your voice you still speak
When I feel alone my heart you seek
If I hear the birds sing
Or this wind on the wing
I know that you’re talking to me

When I can’t feel your touch you are near
When I’m lost and in despair I’ll not fear
With the sunrise at morn
And the new day is born
I can know that my prayers you will hear

When I don’t understand you still know
When I can’t see your plan your love shows
Day by day you give grace
As I lift up my praise
Then my path is like prints in the snow

You’ll never leave me
Never forsake me
Never let me go
I can take rest
And know that I’m blessed
Because your love will always show

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