The Believers Life

Stricken With Love

She walked in the church
And sat right behind me
Her beauty transcended
My jaw hit the floor floor
I’d requested she come
Though we never had met
Yet when church was over
Her talk was ignored

That night she returned
As I walked through the door
Our eyes met so sweetly
I was stricken with love
The next night a service
We both would attend
The next day I wept
As back home I drove

Halfway on my trip
I stopped at an inn
Opened the Bible
There in the stand
Wrote her a letter
If I come to her
Will she by my girl
Our life would begin

Arriving back home
I gave my notice
Before I had heard
She accepted my offer
Two months went by
She came with some friends
To bring me to Iowa
My old life was over

Three months later
We married at last
Three children three towns
Forty years have now passed
I can still see that lithe form
That walked in the room
Her eyes full of life
Are a memory that’s cherished

In response to the daily prompt

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