Through the Muck

It’s easy to be calm and cool when things are going right
My mind seems so much clearer and my outlook seems so bright
Every thought and every action comes out shining in the light
My day becomes a breeze that soothes my soul

I’m glad that I can say this verse describes most of my days
There is no sign of conniption as I go about my ways
When offenses come against me I just do what Jesus says
Shake the dust off of my feet when tales are told

When we follow Jesus there’s no place to hold a grudge
Forgiveness should be foremost as through the muck we trudge
We should never think we have a right to be another‘s judge
Just take the high road when the gossip rolls

Keep your mind on things that bring good thoughts and stay away from bad
Do not say a word that hurts someone but strive to make them glad
When trouble comes about you keep yourself cool and relaxed
No worry should prevent you from this goal

In response to the daily prompt

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