The Believers Walk

This Vessel

I lift my cup to you Lord
This vessel that is me
I ask that you will fill it
With what I’m meant to be
So far my life has wandered
This clay must be renewed
I ask you to reform it
So I am more like you

You know what I was made for
I want to fit your plan
Please start this vessel over
And mold me with your hands
Make me a humble servant
Who’s filled with your desire
Then let your Spirit guide me
To be a holy fire

Break me Lord
Make me yours
Fill me up
So mercy pours
All that come
Near to me
May they always
Your love see

I yield myself to you Lord
My body soul and mind
I seek to do your will Lord
To all who I can find
May your grace guide my path
And flow to everyone
Once you have finished molding
And this vessel is redone

Break me Lord
Mold me new
That I might be
More like you
Cause me Lord
To yield my life
Make me a living
May my life
Always be
All for you Lord
Not for me

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