My Trademark

You wouldn’t believe the mess that I had
Attached to the top of my head
It was ugly and long and scraggly and yuch
A haircut was something I’d dread

You see I was a hippie long hair and all
Dope smoking and boozing all day
I could have cared less how my hair was a mess
Or that it stuck all together like clay

I remember fondly the day that all changed
I walked into the hair salon
I asked for a business man’s cut that day
The sleek look I now had put on

I had cleaned up the inside previously
When Jesus came into my heart
I wanted all others to see this great change
I decided my hair was a start

I’ve learned since then that the outward appearance
Is a shadow of how I should walk
It’s the outward expression of God’s sweet love
That I now need to make my trademark



In response to the daily prompt

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