The Greatest Brilliance

It’s not the stars that twinkle
Way off in outer space
It’s not the smile that radiates
On a little child’s face
It’s not the sun that rises
And sets with beauty rare
It’s not the thoughts of men
That make us all aware

When searching for the greatest
Brilliance of them all
We have to look at Jesus
And just stand back in awe
For there are many attributes
That we could mention here
I think I’ll list a few of them
Because He is so rare

His majesty is glorious
His might beyond compare
His wisdom is so high above
He’s always everwhere
His power never ceases
His mercy falls like rain
His grace is so amazing
His love will never fail

I could go on forever
His brilliance shines so bright
But now I’ll stop and praise Him
For He has brought me light
He’s worthy of my worship
All day and into night
Let’s give Him all the glory
And praise Him with delight





In response to the daily prompt

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