A Mouthpiece for Jesus

What’s it about oh Lord my God
These words you give to me
Each day that goes by bring more and more
They never seem to cease

I write only what I hear from you
I write at those times you speak
Your voice comes so gentle yet so clear
As your presence I do seek

Sometimes it’s a poem of rhythmic gait
Sometimes it is in free verse
Sometimes it’s a song and melody
Sometimes it’s a chorus of praise

You then have my post on the blog as you ask
Then onto my Facebook page
With the mission complete I pray they will touch
Many lives with your wisdom that day

But what’s it about to you my Lord
What is it that you require
Am I doing all that I can do
Because that is my heart’s desire

My son just keep on listening and writing my words
Your mission is clear as day
I’ve chosen you to be a mouthpiece of mine
To show all my children my ways

You have been faithful in so many ways
Through good times and horrible trials
You’ve listened and written with joy in your heart
The words that have brought many smiles

I’ll keep asking you to write down these words
As sure as the sun will rise
Don’t worry about the timing or length
And don’t be concerned with the whys

You are reaching a people I love very much
With words that they need to hear
And it will continue as long as you keep
A longing and attentive ear

With that I bowed down and wept in my heart
As I realized my task
I’ll write every word for your benefit
Because that us what He has asked

And all of your likes and comments each day
Will bring blessings that never depart
I’ll know beyond doubt that He’s working through me
To bring joy and peace into your hear

I thank you my Lord for the mercy you’ve shown
To make me a Psalmist for you
Forever I offer myself as your scribe
Do with me as you want to do.

3 thoughts on “A Mouthpiece for Jesus

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