Royal Pedigree

He cam to a manger, cold and bare
To be born of a lowly virgin there
He grew as a son to a carpenter
Learning the trade and how to work

He taught only what He heard from above
He showed us all of His Father’s love
He served day and night as the people came
He treated them all as they were the same

Then they hailed Him as soon and coming King
They shouted Hosanna His praises they sing
A few days later they had changed their cry
They looked up at Him and cried crucify

They beat Him and mocked Him and laughed Him to scorn
They put on His head a crown of long thorns
They made Him carry His cross down the street
Then they put long sharp spikes in His hands and feet

He gave up His life on the cross that day
He died for us all and the price He did pay
He left heaven’s home to set us free
He put aside His royal pedigree

For God loved us so much He gave us His son
That all who believed in this meek holy one
Would find that their life would now be set free
And they’d live in heaven eternally

In response to the daily prompt Pedigree

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