The Hard Heart

When I was a teen and into my twenties
I used to think that life was just funny
I’d giggle and smirk at most everything
I’d make fun of people with words that would sting

I had many laughs that echoed and roared
Some were guffaws and some loudly soared
But none of them really came from my heart
I didn’t know joy because my heart was hard

I finally met Jesus and changed all my ways
A quick trip to Iowa to spend a few days
I met a girl who would change everything
Then I was invited to church for to sing

On the way home we sat in the back
It was then that I had my first laughter attack
A laugh that came forth from the joy deep inside
I knew in my heart it was real this time

If you’re missing out on the true joy of life
Then come to the Savior who paid a great price
He offered Himself the supreme sacrifice
So you could have joy and eternal life



In response to the daily prompt Laughter

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