Incessantly, Relentlessly

Incessantly they come
Wave upon wave
With mighty force
Upon the shore

Relentlessly they sound
Crest over crest
With spray galore
Upon the shore

The tide comes High
Then comes low
With gains real slow
The oceans flow

Incessantly God’s love
Comes from above
For your heart
He won’t depart

Relentlessly He calls
Come to me
You will pray
To be saved

The tide of His love
Comes every day
Will you come
Accept my Son


In response to the daily prompt Tide

7 thoughts on “Incessantly, Relentlessly

  1. Beautiful picture to accomplish beautiful words. This word really resonated with me as we are here in Portugal and every day go to the beach at high tide and then again at low tide, or vice verse. I am so a landlubber! Regina

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  2. I absolutely love this, Pete! I love the ocean… my dad was an oceanographer and thus, he instilled in me a deep love for the sea. So this analogy particularly resonates with me! I’m bookmarking this poem! It’s so awesome!

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