Great Practice

I love to watch gymnastics
The athletes are superb
They balance on a little beam
And fly above the earth

Between the bars called parallel
They toss themselves and swing
They vault and spin and land so fair
They do most anything

Great practice and long years are spent
To learn the feats they do
Just as anything in life
It’s really up to you

What do you take the time to learn
What is your chosen path
If you would choose a Godly life
It’s His word that will last

The Bible is our source of strength
Where all the truth is heard
So take the time practice great
In God’s most Holy word



In response to the daily prompt Parallel

7 thoughts on “Great Practice

    1. Pete Post author

      Thank you so much Lynn. We appreciate your prayers Mary tomorrow night I’m giving my testimony at my church very we are hoping for a wonderful crowd and people to be healed and saved



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