Are You Ready?

I watch the sun as it rises today
Creeping its way up the sky
Bright rays touch the clouds
The birds sing aloud
Their anthem is raised up high

Someday soon God’s Son will return to earth
To bring all His dear children home
His radiant light
Will dazzle our sight
Well bow at the foot of His throne

Be sure today that you’re ready to go
When the trumpet shall sound that day
Trust in His name
Repent and be saved
Then lift up your voice in praise.



In response to the daily prompt Radiant

6 thoughts on “Are You Ready?

  1. Scott

    Once again you nailed it. I love praising Him. I can imagine an eternity of only that. It seems not enough time. I like how in the amazing grace song it says even after 10000 years I will have no less days. I miss you Pete. I got a little sad because Sandy stopped writing. I know this happens a lot but it is sad anyway. Have a great Easter season.

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