Softly Prayed

I came before the Lord today
Bowed my head and softly prayed
That this day He would make a way
For all those who are lost

I brought the sick before His throne
Asked my Lord to make them whole
That they’d make Him their very own
Because He paid the cost

I brought the troubled do His feet
Requested that he give them peace
That this night they would get some sleep
While resting in His grace

The doubters were the next in line
I asked that each would take some time
To watch the stars and see them shine
Your glory they will face

I brought the lame and maimed and poor
All those whom I have prayed before
Please show them you are still their Lord
And heal them every one

I brought my church that we would know
That you are working way below
We just need to walk real slow
So we can see your plan

Even though our eyes can’t see
What you are doing inside each
One day we’ll see your majesty
We’ll grow throughout the land

I finished up my prayer at last
Then realized much time had passed
I know you will answer fast
Because you love us so

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