His love runs deeper than the oceans
Trenches way below the surface of the seas
Life that we cannot imagine lives there
Full of vibrant color
Variety beyond compare
The depths of the deep hold vast treasures
Treasures that we long for
Crave for
Yearn for
So is the depth of His love
He engulfs us in His arms
Holds us tightly and does not let go
Like the intense pressure of the water
In the deepest caverns of the oceans expanse
Pressure that would suffocate us it is so intense
Instead it soothes us
Like a gentle running river
Flowing into the ocean depths
His love runs deep in my soul
Deeper than anything else I know
It is there when I sink lower than I dare
There when everything else seems gone
There when I feel lost and alone
His love remains
His love sustains
His live reaches into the depth of my despair
It pulls me safely out of the sinking sand
No matter how deep I may sink
His love runs deeper

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