All the Glory

A short worship chorus the Lord gave me this morning:


I give you all the glory

I give you all the praise

For you alone are worthy

All of my days

I raise my hands to worship

I live to honor you

I give you all the glory

I give you all the praise


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5 thoughts on “All the Glory

    1. Pete Post author

      I literally have hundreds. Just not sure where to go to get them published. Many are songs and i have the melody (like this one), but no band or means to produce. God has a plan. I’m just being patient

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      1. SR

        I am working on a book and was told by two people who have books out to go on like Amazon and see who publishes books like one is writing. So go in the poetry section and see who publishes poetry.
        Another thing you will need is someone to proof-read to give constructive criticism. So this would be my starting place.
        As far as song, copyright as you need to do on this blog, then start sending it out. I think one of the best singers there is, is Robin Herd and Chris Stapleton. I am sure there is a way to get in touch with someone who knows them. When I have time will look up on how to get in touch with them. Also Celtic Thunder are really, really good. Don’t know much about it, but know people who do. There is also a Priest on you tube who has a voice you would not believe. Will give you some links to go and listen to him. I know I can get in touch with him! LOL! God Bless, SR


      2. Pete Post author

        Thank you for your efforts and I appreciate your input. I have heard multiple times that unsolicited manuscripts hardly ever get a reading. I have thought about self-publishing on Amazon and just haven’t taken the time to look into it.

        As far as copyright goes that can get very expensive. If you do songs individually it’s like $35 a song. If you do it as an anthology you can do up to 10 and that’s around $80. I have looked into this a little bit in the problem is it all I have is Melody and I have so many. You would not believe the volumes of poetry I have that I’ve become songs.

        This becomes difficult because our funds are so limited right now going through this cancer and the fact that I’m not working. Getting in touch with somebody who actually sings the songs is even more difficult. I have tried several different Avenues and got zero response. People like michael-w-smith Chris Tomlin and the Gaither Vocal Band have never responded. Without producing a professional grade CD it’s awfully hard to get their attention. They have thousands of people trying to get to them everyday.

        You are not the first to tell me how these songs touch their hearts and they believe that there is more to them then just having them on a Blog. It’s reaching the right here at the right time that is the most difficult thing. But I have placed it in God’s hands and I know he will direct me at the right time. Who knows perhaps you are a vehicle you can use. Let me rephrase that I know that you’re a vehicle he can use because you’re open to listen to his voice. The question is whether he wants you to help me on this effort. Anything you do will be a blessing.

        I’m also working on a couple of books that come from the Bible study side or my walking in Christ blog. A lot of work has to be done to prep those. I am having my pastor proofread one piece right now. So we will see what the Lord brings my way. He is giving me the words so I trust him to lead me on the right path when the time is right

        Be blessed


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