The Great Payment

Have you ever thought it strange
That a baby in a manger
Would be the one who came to set men free
And have you ever stopped to think
About the fact that Heaven’s King
Left His throne to come and die for you and me

You may think it’s fable
He was born in lowly stable
But the story has withstood the test of time
And I thought that you should know
Why I’ve come to love Him so
For I want you to know this Lord of Life

You see, He changed my life
When I came to Him that time
That my life was spinning out of control
He forgave all of my sin
And He put His spirit in
Now He walks with me wherever I may go

Because this baby in the manger
Was no ordinary stranger
But the Son of God who came to earth that day
He shared the Father’s love
And brought healing from above
And He said He was the truth the life the way

His teaching brought division
Put the leaders in derision
They decided that He must be put to death
So they shouted crucify Him
On a cross they railed against Him
And He gave His life in one last gasp of breath

The final price was paid
For the sin of human race
And now we are set free forevermore
And it all began that day
In a stable filled with hay
And a baby who the blessed Mary bore.

This Christmas don’t forget
The great payment for our debt
That was made by that baby in the hay
He was born to die for me
And to set the captive free
Let us celebrate His birth this Christmas day

8 thoughts on “The Great Payment

  1. SR

    Beautiful Pete. Do have any of your poems in print?

    As Scott more or less said, “It is kind of hard to wrap around my head, that God came in a form of a baby.”

    That brought back the memory of my biology teacher when he once asked us, “What is the most helpless thing in the world?” Of course we guessed kittens, dogs etc and he said, “the human baby bc it cannot move.”

    It is kind of hard for me to connect the two with God. But connect we must. God Bless, SR

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    1. Pete Post author

      No, I do not have any published. I have looked into possibly publishing on Amazon’s create space Outlet. I just don’t take the time to do it. I started collecting my poems by theme at one time but that kind of overwhelming so I put them back in one file. I guess I need to figure out exactly how to put a book together! Any ideas?

      Be blessed

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SR

        I don’t Pete, but go to the blogs I follow and go to Mary K. Doyle and Mary Ann McSweeney’s blog. both of those have published books. Mary Doyle’s husband has Alzheimer’s and she has written a book on that and many more. Mary Ann has written meditation books. They are both very kind and am sure you can get some info from them. God Bless, Sr

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Pete Post author

        I’ll try that. Thanks. Poetry is a different animal from what I’ve been told. But I will publish someday. Just not sure what kind of collection to put together

        Be blessed


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