He Taught Us

He taught us obedience when He left heaven
Left His throne to come to earth
Left His glory to take on flesh
Left the praise to come and die

He taught us humility when He was born
In a lowly stable filled with hay
Wrapped with rags and settled in a manger
Born on earth to die for me

He taught us patience as He grew
Quiet submission to His father here
Learning life with no fanfare
Waiting for His day to arrive

He taught us submission when He was baptized
Knelt before John in the river Jordan
Ready to take on the mantle prepared for Him
Acknowledged as God’s son forever

He taught us compassion as He went
Town to town, touching the people
Answering questions meant to condemn Him
Meekness empowered in His loving eyes

He taught us wisdom as He was tried
Wrongly accused and condemned to die
His words would be futile, so He stayed silent
Ready to fulfill His mission in life

He taught us peace as He went toward the cross
Beaten and bruised, He was quiet through all
From the garden to Calvary there was no complaint
Died on that cross for me

He taught us hope as He rose from the grave
Back to the Father in heaven above
Giving us victory that will never fade
Oh what a Savior we have

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