He’s the One

I never will forget
The day He set me free
When I learned about the cross at Calvary
I never will forget
His sacrifice that day
Mercy flowed from His wounds and rendered grace

He took all of my shame
He healed my every pain
The burden of my sin was lifted off
He gave me peace within
He broke off all my chains
Gave me faith and hope instead of all my doubt

Who is this King of Kings
Who is this Lord of Lords
That He would care about this lowly man of sin
Who is this Savior
Who is this Mighty God
His name is Jesus He’s the one.

He’s the one who made all things
He’s the one who all life brings
He’s the one who came to earth
He’s the one with lowly birth
He’s the one who healed the lame
He’s the one who had no blame
He’s the one who died for me
He’s the one who set me free

His name is Jesus
His name is Jesus
Son of God Word of life Light to all
His name is Jesus
His name is Jesus
Lord of Lords King of Kings He’s the one

I made a video with the melody to this one this morning. Its a rough video, but it gives you what God put in my head.


He’s the One

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