Today and Tomorrow

The past is the past
It is gone
Over with
What has been done is done
And can’t be undone
Can’t be redone
What has been said has been
And can not be been back
We can not change
The past
We can not go back
And do it over
We can not escape it

But we can overcome it
Wipe out any negative effects
Rise above any wrongdoings
Become better because of it
We can
Make it disappear
And no longer be a conduit
For doubt
Or fear
Or worry
Or misgivings
We can
Let it go
To embrace the only thing we have
And tomorrow

God says
He will wipe away our sins
And wash them white as snow
He will remove our sin
As far as the East is from m the West
They no longer have a hold on me
They no longer control me
I look to the only thing I have
And tomorrow

Rise up
Start over
Let your life shine
Let your voice be heard
Be free from your past
Live the life you were meant to live
And tomorrow

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