Come To The Real Deal

When you think about freedom or morality
You have to think abstractly at best
For these things are subjective it matters who you ask
One person things much different  than the rest

Many think that God is at the top of abstract thought
His existence they aren’t sure is real
But I surely tell you that He is more alive
More than sun or wind or rain or stars reveal

You see I know these things because He changed my life
From someone who was rough and full of wrong
He gave me purpose in my life and filled my heart with love
His presence is with in me all day long

So if you need something to keep you from an abstract life
I have the answer you are looking for
Just ask my Jesus to come in and take away your sin
And take away your sin forevermore





In response to the daily prompt Abstract

3 thoughts on “Come To The Real Deal

  1. Mental Break-In Progress

    Amen! In the last year I went from a road to nowhere to finding God again. The last time I connected with God on this level, I was a child. When you call out to God, he will answer you. After the many sins I have committed over the course of my life God was always waiting for me and when I asked for his help he helped me even though I felt like I didn’t deserve it. God is truly good and we need to hang on to him now more than ever. Cheers.

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    1. Pete Post author

      Hallelujah. I am so glad you found your way back to God. he is truly amazing. Thanks for the wonderful comment, A]and for visiting my site! Come again -I post daily

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