I Am His Child

I knelt before the Lord today
I bowed my head so I could pray
‘Twas then I heard Him softly say
I love you, son.  You are my child

The words were music to my ears
I closed my eyes and felt my tears
The joy inside my heart was real
I felt His love.  It made me smile

I love you too, Lord.  That you know
I asked you in so long ago
You’ve been with me and helped me grow
I thank you, Lord.  I am your child

My child, you have grown in faith
Now it is time you run the race
Please go tell others of my grace
They need to know my love as well

Yes, Lord.  I will do my part
I’ll go tell them to give their heart
I know you’ve loved them from the start
I’ll testify you love them all

With that I lifted up my praise
To Jesus Christ for His sweet grace
I thanked Him for His love this day
Because I know I am His child

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