Prayer Time

I cried out to Jesus this morning
Lord please hear my humble prayer
I come to you seeking your mercy
For so many friends out there

One of my friends needs your guidance
About things going on in his life
I ask you to give this friend wisdom
To deal with this mountain of strife

Two friends need help with a new job
That came as an answer to prayers
These next few weeks they’ll be learning
Help them listen and learn as they train

I know that you hear my prayer
And I know that an answer will come
I trust in your perfect timing
I will pray they’ll have strength all along

Still others need your touch to heal them
From cancer, or aches, or disease
I ask that your mercy surround them
As I pray to you down on my knees

There’s a friend who has asked me to pray
For protection in foreign lands
I make my request to you Lord
To keep them all safe in your hands

I close out my prayer time this morning
By lifting my voice in praise
My spirit is lost in your worship
I lift up your holy name

I thank you for listening to me
And the prayers that I send your way
Take care of my friends this morning
And give them your mercy today.

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