Deep In Praise

When all is said and done
And the daytime light is gone
I will lift to God my song
Of praise

And when the stars do shine
And nighttime moon aligns
I will know it is the time
To praise

For within each passing moment
There’s a time to worship Him
With each breath I’m reminded of His love
So I’ll lift my praise to Jesus
And I’ll lift my hands to Him
He just showers down His blessings from above

Now when the morning light
Brings daytime from the night
I’ll know it’s only right
To praise

The birds all start to sing
And then they take to wing
The sun their following
To praise

If all creation knows
It’s time to praise the Lord
Then why should I do anything that’s less
I’ll lift my voice up high
So all can hear me sing
Because I want to give my very best

And then the day has passed
I’ll settle down at last
As I run out of gas
I’ll praise

I’ll settle down too sleep
My soul I know He’ll keep
Because I lived so deep
In praise

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