Hurried Life

Gift shopping
Food shopping
Buying decorations
Gift wrapping
Food cooking
Cleaning for relations

Busy. busy, busy
Hustle and a-bustle
Bet you cannot wait to relax
Body needs a breather
Mind could use one too
I’ll be glad when holidays are past

Deep down in my spirit
I am still at rest
The  Holy Spirit fills me with peace
And joy just bubbles over
To make me feel so calm
Even when I’m running this race

If you need some rest now
Just ask the Lord to help you
He will hear your prayer right on time
He’ll give you peace and joy
That will calm your hurried life
I’m so glad that I can call Him mine




response to the daily prompt Relax

4 thoughts on “Hurried Life

  1. Stella Carousel

    In my reading today I came across a favorite verse: “The Lord your God is with you…He will quiet you with His love” (Zephaniah 3:17). Just what I needed! I love that your poem says He’ll hear (and presumably answer in some fashion) “right on time”–because another fave verse of mine begins with,”You see, at just the right time” (Rom 5:6). He is just TOO GOOD to me! God bless you, Pete šŸ™‚



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