My Christmas Gift

I searched for a gift this Christmas

A gift I could give to all

It would have to be inexpensive

And hopefully rather small


I shopped on the net for days

And nothing seemed quite right

So I went to some stores in the city

And I looked for several nights


But the perfect gift was elusive

Nothing I saw seemed to fit

I started to think it was hopeless

But then found the perfect gift


It was free to any who wanted

It was small, so I’d keep it in hand

It was easy to give out to others

I decided that this fit the plan


This gift didn’t need to be wrapped up

And it wasn’t some cute little toy

All I had to do was give it

The recipient would have much joy


I’m giving Jesus this Christmas

I’m telling my friends of His love

I’m sharing with them His salvation

And His mercy that rains from above


I’ll share with them the Christmas story

And the Easter story as well

They will hear how much He loves them

They’ll be touched by the story I tell


This gift will last them a lifetime

And they’ll live for eternity

Safe in the arms of the Savior

Forever they will be free


This Christmas give all a present

That will last for the rest of time

Give everyone Jesus

And give them the gift of life.

10 thoughts on “My Christmas Gift

      1. Pete Post author

        Thanks! He blesses me every day! Let’s see, how did He bless me today? He gave me air to breath! He gave me sunlight to see by! He gave me food to eat! He gave me eyes to see! Oh, my, He gave me so many blessings. I just can;t praise Him enough! So Good our God is! So good!


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