Amazing Love

I came running to my Lord today
I had Jesus on my mind
He wrapped His arms around me
And He said “My son, your mine”

A calming reassurance
Flooded through me from above
As He held me close beside Him
I could feel His awesome love

Love that overlooks my faults
Love that conquers all
Love that washes sin away
Love that hears my call

His love is amazing
It is with me everyday
I’m not sure what I would do
Without His love today

I found that I was lost again
And couldn’t find my way
Somehow, I’d walked away from Him
So I knelt down to pray

I asked Him to draw close to me
And soon I felt Him near
His tenderness surrounded me
And wiped out all my fear

Love that wipes away my fears
Love that calms my heart
Love that tells me I’m okay
Love that never parts

His love is amazing
It’s always there for me
Even when I’ve lost my way
He fills my deepest need

This time I stayed real close to Him
I did not want to leave
He told me that He loved me
And He’d always be with me

Now I must go tell others
About His wondrous love
So they can know the Savior too
And be blessed by God above

Love that took Him to the cross
Love that gave His life
Love that washed away my sin
Love that came to die

His love is amazing
He gave His life for me
And rose again so I could be
With Him eternally

I’ll shout about this wondrous love
As long as I have breath
For He has given everything
From birth until His death

I will sing His praises
Everywhere I go
For He is Lord of all the earth
And everyone should know

His love is amazing
His love conquers sin
His love is for everyone
His love always wins

His love gives and gives some more
Until the day is done
No one can out give His love
No, not anyone

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