Triumph in Trials

I sit here in the hospital

And my thoughts go out to those

Who question why they’d be in such a place

And I can’t help but realize

That many of us choose

To think that these things come through lack of faith


I will beg to differ though

When trials and tests do come

That lack of faith is not the cause at all

I have a loving Father

Who knows His plan for me

At every turn I’m asked to hear His call


I know beyond a doubt He has a plan for me

And I know His plan is always for my good

So if He’s decided I should go through cancer in my life

Then I know He’s the one who’ll see me through


You might ask why a loving God would bring this upon me

How can good come out of something that can kill

Well let me take a moment to tell you what He’s done

In this short time while He has kept me still


Prayers have been answered all over the world

From friends I have both here and overseas

Building up their faith for battles that will come

Battles that by prayer will see defeat


The poems I have written have reached around the globe

Thousands upon thousands have been touched

This ministry is growing to edify the church

It witnesses of His great love for us


The testimony that this trial will one day give to me

I will share with everyone I know

Because of His great mercy, that spared me from the worst

TI can shout that He has carried be right through


And last is the fact that healing will come

And the glory will all go to Him

And others will be lifted up in their faith

And our enemy will never win


So sing out His praises when trial arise

Lift up His name and look to the skies

Your redeemer will help you and faith He’ll supply

As you rest in His loving arms

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