Life Renewed

I can see it in your eyes

I can hear it in your voice

You have heard the Savors call

You have finally made the choice


There are so many things

That will now come about

Your life will be different

There is not any doubt


He’ll first give you peace

More than you’ve ever known

It will fill up your soul

And then it will grow


Next is the awesome joy

That comes up out of your heart

It is so much more than the happiness

This world can barely impart


Then there’s the hope of tomorrow

Knowing His plans are all good

And our heavenly home awaits us

That is clearly understood


You then start to see His mercy

Intervening in trials and tests

You realize He’s there with you

And He never, ever rests


Then His grace becomes part of us

And we gain the desire to forgive

And our heart reaches out to the lost

As we beg them to be saved and live


Finally His love rises deep from within

A love greater than man ever knew

It compels us to reach out to all that we know

And try to give them life renewed


The radical change that takes place

When we make Jesus our Lord

Is only a starting point in our lives

A time to give others that choice.

2 thoughts on “Life Renewed

  1. Susan Irene Fox

    “The radical change that takes place When we make Jesus our Lord Is only a starting point…”
    Oh, it certainly is. And how could we stand in the way of anyone – keep from telling anyone about this glorious freedom and transformation in love!



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