There are times in life when I get turned around

From the path the God has chosen just for me

But when I realize

The troubles that arise

There’s only one way that will set me free


Every time I turn around, there’s Jesus

He said if I’ll repent, He’ll forgive

So when I fall to sin

Or trouble deep within

I turned to Him and he will help me live


If my life has turned to pain or sickness

And I start to fear that this will be the way

If I turn to the cross

And see his precious blood

That blood will heal me every single day


If I find that fear and doubt has crossed my path

And I simply don’t believe I’ll ever win

I turn to read His word

The promise of my Lord

He fills with up with faith deep within


If I find myself in weakness or despair

And I feel like I just can’t go on

I turn my trust to Him

And he comes flowing in

And tells me He’s been with me all along


So if you find yourself

In trouble, and need help

I trust you now know what to do

Just simply turn around

And Jesus will be found

He will always see you through

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