You Promise

Where else would I go Lord?

Where else can I find

All the promises you’ve given

Coming through in my life?


You promise refuge from the storm

A hiding place for my soul

So I will not be fearful

When the days grow cold


You promise a fortress around me

To strengthen me when I am weak

The walls of your mercy rise mighty

To keep out the enemy


You promise me health and deliverance

From all that has gone before

I now longer walk in my past life

I can walk in your victory, lord


You promise me peace and joy

In a world where these are lost

You fill me with both of these virtues

And promise there won’t be a cost


You promise me salvation

Redemption from my sin

A new life birthed within me

Your Holy Spirt within


But more than all these things above

You promise me your steadfast love

It’s crowned with grace and mercy sweet

I will bow before your feet

For you are worthy of my praise

For all the wonder of your name

I’ll lift you high in all my days

And praise you for your promises

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