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The Good Stuff

There’s a country song I hear at work every day
It has a nice chorus that is easy to say
But the truth that it tells is certain enough
“Dad makes good whiskey but God makes the good stuff”

The good stuff that God makes is stark in contrast
To the whiskey that might be drunk from a flask
It got me to thinking about all the things
That the blessing of God to me each day brings

Whiskey inebriates ‘til we’ve lost control
God gives His Spirit to guide us all home
Whiskey tastes bitter and softens the mind
God’s word is sweet to the soul all the time

Whiskey gives mornings when sickness will last
God give the sunrise whose beauty is vast
Whiskey makes evenings bewildered and blind
God makes sunsets that are wonderfully fine

Whiskey can make our decisions quite wrong
God gives us wisdom to help us along 
Whiskey can cost us our lives after time
God gives new life that’s eternally mine

Whiskey will lead us down dangerous roads
God guides us gently and carries our load
Whiskey can bring us to a crash of the mind
God keeps us safe in His arms all the time

You see my dear friends that this song is true
But the truth in its words I think hide from you
All of this good stuff that God has in store
Is only for you if you’ll give Him more

More of your heart to Him every day
More of your mind and more of your ways
More of your strength needs to come from Him
More of your soul must be cleansed within

Today if that whiskey is lord of your life
Why not give that up for the Lord Jesus Christ
He will bless you beyond your wildest dreams
Repent today and in Jesus believe