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He Was….But He

He was a King
But He became a servant
He was mocked
But He gives comfort
He was despised
But He loves me
He was rejected
But He accepts me
He was questioned
But He is the answer
He was unforgiven
But He forgave us
He was weak
But He gives us strength
He was called a liar
But He is the truth
He was thought to be lost
But He is the way
He wept over Jerusalem
But He dries our tears
He was always traveling about
But He gives us rest
He was troubled in the garden
But He gives us peace
He was forsaken by those closest to Him
But He will never leave us
He was silent before Herod
But He is the Word of Life
He was beaten
But He gives healing
He was crowned with thorns
But He gives us wisdom
He was thirsty
But He is the living water
He was burdened with our sin
But He took our sin away
He was crucified
But He gives us life
He was dead
But He gives us power
He was laid in a dark tomb
But He is the Light
He was alone in the grave
But He is always with us
He was buried
But He rose again
He went back to heaven
But He’s coming back soon