The Hugging Armadillo

An armadillo came to me
One snowy Texas day
He told me I was all hot air
And slowly walked away

I quickly caught back up to him
And with a high pitched scream
I told him he had lots of nerve
Invading my last dream

Then I woke up and found myself
In the classroom of the Lord
His lecture for me on that day
Was forgiveness from above

I bowed my head in reverence
As I realized what He said
I must forgive all others
Or I stifle His good grace

So I found that armadillo
And asked His forgiveness too
He graciously consented
And a bug hug then ensued

If you have wronged someone today
Or if they have wronged you
Ask for forgiveness quickly
And the Lord will forgive you


In response to the daily prompt Lecture

My dream

I dream I’m a new creation
Cancer has gone away
I keep on getting stronger
Every single day

I dream that my testimony
Will be shared for all to hear
That many good souls will find
That they have also been healed

I dream of people resonding
As I tell them of His great love
Souls will be saved and set free
By His power sent from above

I dream of many rejoicing
That their hope has been restored
The peace of God Invades their spirit
Theirs hearts are full of His joy

I dream of God’s people in worship
As we sing songs He’s given to me
That the atmosphere all around us
Will fillled with His Majesty

I dream all of this will bring glory
Only to God above
That He will be lifted higher
That He’ll fill us with His love