Christmas poetry

The Only Way

Welcomed as a baby
In a manger He lay
Shepherds came to greet Him
Kings from far away

People came to see Him
As He taught them truth
Everyone that came to Him
Found love that He imbued

Day turned into darkness
He crowds all turned away
Soldiers came to take Him
No one with Him would stay

Beaten, bruised and scarred
A crown of thorns He wore
Nailed upon a cross
His garments they all tore

As He hung there bleeding
Breath barely possible
He cried out to is the Father
Please forgive them all

Then He died for all mankind
His blood shed on that cross
Redemption freely given
His grace for all of us	

In three days, He arose
Escaped a sealed-up tomb
He now abides in Heaven
The Lamb upon the throne

This grace that He extended
He day he came to earth
Was finally fulfilled
On the cross and with His death

Accept His gift of love today
And know His peace within
He only way to heaven
Is forgiveness for your sins

For this peace the angels sang of
To shepherds in the field
Is only yours if you decide
Your life to Him to yield

He stands there knocking at the door
Please open up your heart
The baby born this Christmas morn
Will give you a new start

New life is for the taking
The best gift ever given
A baby born to die for you
The only way to heaven

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