You Alone

If I had a nickel for every lie I spoke 
Or if I had a penny for all my wasted hopes
I'd be richer than the richest man the world has ever known
Yet I would be a pauper, stranded and alone 

If I spoke with grand words that motivated you
Or if I was an actor whose movies all would view 
I would be quite famous, a person you all knew
Yet I would be alone, Lord, if I did not have you

You alone bring riches more than this world ever knew 
You alone bring meaning to this lost and lonely world 
You alone can calm my soul when storms come roaring through
You alone, Jesus.   You alone.

If I won every battle and built a fortress grand
Or if, after each struggle, I took a victor’s stance
I’d feel stronger than the strong man who lifts weights every day
Yet I would still be weak against the daily trials I face


You alone Jesus, you alone
All glory and all honor to you alone
To you alone Jesus I give my life today
You alone, Jesus.  You alone


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