All of Creation Praises the Lord

All of creation praises the Lord
The trees lift their branches in praise
The leaves change to show His beauty
Then they are released to dance with the wind in praise
The wind whistles praises through the night
And causes the wheat to bow in reverence 
The sun rises and displays His mighty power
It walks through the day and plays with the clouds in praise to our God
At night, the sun sets in glorious splendor
Showing His handiwork to all who will see
And then yields to the stars
The stars display His majesty at night
The moon smiles in praise to God
The stars twinkle for His glory
They stay in place by Him mighty power
There is no place I can go
No trouble I can have
No sorrow to great
That can not be calmed 
By viewing His handiwork
And being still before Him
All of creation praises the Lord

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