Alive For All

Alive, alive
Alive for all to see
He has risen from the dead
New life to bring to me

Alive, alive
Alive for all to hear
Of the wondrous love of Jesus
I must preach to every ear

Hear the blessed news today
Jesus Christ is Lord
For you He died and rose again
So you can trust His word
He did not have to give His life
But out of His great love
He paid the price for all your sin
So you could live above

Call on Him from deep within
Confess that He is Lord
Ask Him to forgive your sin
Ask for His reward
When you do these things in truth
And turn your heart to Him
New life will rise within your heart
And you'll be born again

Alive, alive
He lives within my heart
Won't you give your life to Him
And have a brand new start
Alive, alive 
New life He gives to you
Receive the love of Jesus Christ
Accept His gift to you.

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