All Because of Christmas

 I walk through the city and see the lights
 Red, green and blue, they shine so bright
 Each house is lit up in the night
 All because of Christmas
 Merchants are smiling as people pay
 For merchandise they bought that day
 They smile as people shop and play
 All because of Christmas
 Churches are bustling with holiday fare
 Candies and cookies abundant are there
 The choirs are singing their songs of cheer
 All because of Christmas
 Families will gather from miles away
 Have not been together for many a day
 They get along fine and then go their way
 All because of Christmas
 But Christmas is more than shopping and food
 More than the lights or family viewed 
 Christmas is when a baby was born
 A long, long time ago
 He was born in a stable that Holy night
 Above shone a star of incredible light
 Angels announced His birth that day
 A long, long time ago
 He did not come a good life to live
 He came to die and to pardon our sin
 Now we are free from guilt and shame
 And live forever with Him
 This Christmas you can enjoy the lights
 The food and the family and presents all right
 But please don’t forget that babe long ago
 Who gave His life just for you 

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