I Live For You

I gave up my old ways. I started anew
For the rest of my days I’m living for you.
No turning back because I’m breaking through
For all that I want is to live for you

In the heat of the day with a cool morning dew
I’ll make the decision to live for you
When storms come around me with waves crashing through
I don’t have to worry I’m living for you

And when people ask why I have such Joy
I’ll say I found Jesus and He fills my soul
Because every day and every hour
You give me strength and you give me power

Precious Lord Jesus thanks for the cross
For so many years I counted it loss
But now I’ll give my life and all that I have
I’ll live for you until this life is passed

So when this old life is finally through
I’ll meet you in heaven because I live for you

Where would I be if I had not traveled to visit a friend of mine half way across the country in 1976? Where would I be if I had not gone to church with him that night and heard that message? The message that convinced me I was headed for hell and I made me know I did not want to go there. Where would I be if the pastor had not come to my friends’ house the day before I left and asked if I wanted to get saved and live for Jesus? Where would I be if I had not prayed that prayer and, with sweat coming from deep within and drenching my clothes, knew that something had changed inside me?

I believe with all my heart that the night I prayed that prayer would have been my last if I had not sincerely prayed that prayer. I travelled 70,80,90 mph all the way home from Iowa with a wobble in my front left tire. When I took it to my mechanic he could not believe I had just come all the way home from Iowa. I had a broken tie rod! I have no doubt that if I had not prayed that prayer, I would not have had God’s protection on the way home that day and the tire would have fallen off, as it should have. I would have had a terrible accident and be serving a life sentence in a hell none of us want to go to.

Have you prayed that prayer today? Have you been Born again, which Jesus says is a requirement to even see the Kingdom of Heaven? Are you living for Jesus? If you have not, please do it today. It may be your last.

Romans 10:13
“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”

4 thoughts on “I Live For You

  1. SR

    Beautiful Pete. Have a question though, what do you mean, “For so many years I counted it loss?” I mean what happened, did you think God had forsaken you, or you just were not going to deal with Christianity…. Just trying to understand your meaning there. Again beautiful and I love the picture! God Bless, SR

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      1. SR

        Thank you so much for explaining. Just could not fix it within my mind what you exactly meant by that. I did not know if something happened or what. I cannot imagine you not wanting to deal with “Christianity.” That person does not even exist for me! LOL! God bless, SR

        Liked by 1 person

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