Christmas Poetry

He Waits For Me

He waits for me
In the silence of the morning
As the sun is slowly rising
The gilded clouds are shining
The birds are loudly singing
The dark quickly dispelling
The dew is gently falling
As all the earth is waking
He waits for me

He waits for me
As life just gets to busy
My faith starts to get lazy
My doubt is rising slowly
The fear of failure lures me
The troubles loom around me
I’m not all I should be
I ifeel as if He’d left me
He waits for me

He waits for me
Full of hope I’ll find my way
Full or mercy for me day
Love that drives all fear away
He waits for me

Slowly I begin to rise
Lift my praise up to the skies
Loft my head and set
my eyes
Upon Him waiting there

Then His peace comes over me
Peace that calms my raging seas
Back where I have longed to be
Beside my Lord and King

I know in your darkest hour
His love draws you by gracious power
I pray that you will find this true
He’s waiting there for you

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