You Are My Truth

You are my truth
I can depend on you
When all the world does not know truth
I can point to you
I can trust in you
You will never fail me
Or forsake me
Your truth is a testament I can rely on
Your promises are true
Your warnings are true
Your judgments are true
Your prophecies are true
I never have to wonder
Or doubt
Or question
Because they were true
They are true
And they always will be true
When I struggle
When I have trials
When I have worries
Or sorrows
Your truth will revive me
Your truth will pull me out
When I question my way
Your truth will show me the way
When I am without good health
Your truth says You are my healer
When I fall into a dark place
Your truth says you are my deliverer
When the enemy comes in like a flood
You will raise up a standard against him
That standard is your truth
I never have to live in fear
Or wonder if I will make it through
For you are my truth

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