Born again

A New Start

Leave all your doubt
Leave all your fear
Leave all your worry
Be of good cheer
Trust in the Lord
With all your heart
He’ll light your path
He’ll bring you out

Leave all your anger
Leave gossiping
Leave all your troubles
Come to the King
Trust in the Lord
Give Him your life
He’ll give you peace
In the midst of your strife

Leave all your sin
There at the cross
Leave all your shame
He paid the cost
Bow at His feet
Worship His name
Jesus is Lord
Give Him your praise

Holy is He
Holy is he
Bring adoration
Down on your knees
Humbly before Him
Seek His sweet grace
Once your forgiven
Look in His face

He loves you more
Than you can imagine
He’ll help you through
In ways you can’t fathom
Trust in the Lord
With all your heart
This is the time
To make a new start

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